Your Lake County
Health Advocates

About Us

At Lake County Health Coalition (LCMHC), your overall health is at the core of our mission. Every day, we’re focused on ensuring the reduction and elimination of health disparities among residents in Lake County and Porter County. The rates of diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer are disproportionately higher among minority residents. We want all our residents to be healthy. We work on achieving that goal through advocacy; education and awareness initiatives; promoting public policy and systems change; and improving access to quality care for everyone.

Our Vision & Principles

We won’t stop pursuing our mission until we have achieved health parity among all residents in Lake and Porter counties. We pursue that vision by engaging and empowering the community, documenting their needs and interests, and keeping informed on the leading minority health issues. We also strive to accomplish that vision by collaborating with partners and community stakeholders; advocating for access to health care among key agencies and policy makers; and promoting the availability of cultural and linguistic competency training for healthcare and related industry workforces.

Our History

In 1986, Lake County Minority Health Coalition was established as a non-profit organization, operating under a volunteer board. Our team consists of one full-time executive director; a project coordinator; a receptionist; and a fiscal operations clerk.


Want to participate in our efforts? Or simply learn more? Lake County Minority Health Coalition offers health presentations, evidence-based programs, health screenings and health fairs to promote health and wellness among all residents. We use health promotion presentations as a method for educating groups of individuals about various aspects of health and wellness. Our events and presentations listed below are designed to improve health and health care outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities and underserved populations and com­munities.

•  Community Baby Shower - Breastfeeding Mentoring
•  Health Fairs with Community Partners
•  Health Screening Services
•  Cervical Cancer-HPV Vaccination Presentation
•  Eat Healthy, Be Active Presentations
•  Host Town Hall Meetings Community Forums
•  Community/Academic Partnerships: IU Simon  Cancer - Cervical